Emmitt Thulin: Male Democrat

Q: What is your gender and what political party do you currently categorize yourself under?

A: I am a male and I identify with the Democratic party. 

Q: Were you able to vote in this election? 

A: I was not able to vote in this election. 

Q: If you were who would you have voted for? 

A: I would have voted for Biden. 

Q: What views of his do you stand behind? 

A: My biggest issue is probably environmental issues and the environmental protections that he has, and also social justice issues in general.

Q: Have you ever been ridiculed or teased for being male and being a democrat? 

A: I do not think I really have, I think I have a solid group of people who like me for who I am and not really my political affiliation. 

Q: Have you ever heard stories of friends or other people who have experienced that?

A: For me, being at North it is definitely more of a liberal community and so people who have more conservative values and some of my friends who do, have gotten comments on their Instagram posts or things of that nature when they post them going to pro-life marches in DC. I think that on that side of the aisle, especially in our community, they get a little more reaction to their political views. 

Q: Have you ever felt that you can not be as outspoken with your views? 

A: I think that I have had a pretty easy time talking about my views. Being younger in school it was something where I steered away from it more. Freshman and sophomore year I was a little more hesitant, just because I did not know people and I was not as knowledgable or firm in my beliefs.

Q: Has somebody with the same political ideology ever shot you or your opinion down because of your gender?

A: Not really, if anything it’s more like clarifying positions or issues.

Q: Do you have any democratic male role models or political role models in general? 

A: I feel like I look toward the democratic party and many of the candidates from this election were good models of acting when they know issues to be wrong and having their voice heard about those. 

Q: Do you feel that 2020 has caused a shift, good or bad, on views on male democrats? 

A: I think that 2020 has definitely really brought a lot more people into the political area, myself included, getting more involved in educating yourself more about all the issues on the table. That has definitely been a change for the positive but has become a lot more divisive with party lines.

Q: If you were able to give any advice to someone who identifies as a male democrat who feels as though they can’t be as outspoken because of who they are, what would that be? 

A: I think it would be to be confident and educated in policies and things that you are talking about so that you know that you know what you’re talking about is right and that you don’t just come with solely opinion-based information.