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  • March 173/12/21 - Girls' Varsity Basketball win a share of WSC
  • March 173/13/21 - DG gymnastics conference champions
  • March 173/14/21 - Boys' Varsity Basketball conference champions
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SENDING A MESSAGE: Students wear Free TR shirts to protest student suspension.
Free T.R.: Students rally around suspended editor
Kate Gross, Editor-in-Chief • December 16, 2021

In attempts to reduce the potential negative impacts of harsh disciplinary measures on students, Illinois passed Senate Bill 100 on Jan. 10 of 2015. Among other provisions, this bill aimed to amend school discipline procedures by “[limiting] the number and duration of expulsions and suspensions to the greatest extent practicable,” and recommending that “school officials consider forms of non-exclusionary discipline prior to using out-of-school suspensions or expulsions,” according to Section...

Latest Epidemic: High School Related Instagram Accounts
Latest Epidemic: High School Related Instagram Accounts
Lauren Pierret, News Editor • December 13, 2021

The number of student-run Instagram accounts directly related to DGN was limited to just the DGN Barstool account, dgnstool, until November 2021. However, DGN and other high schools throughout the country are currently seeing an increase in random school-run Instagram accounts.    The Beginning   Before large masses of DGN-related Instagram accounts began popping up on people’s recommended lists, DGN’s Barstool account was the school’s primary source for school jokes and pride...

Gingerbread House decorated ahead of the competition by the main office staff
DGN Activities Brings Holiday Spirit With Gingerbread House Decorating Competition
Quinn Kelly, Feature Editor • December 12, 2021

This time of year is often complex at DGN. It is the end of the semester which means due dates, finals, and grades to worry about. On the other hand, students and staff are looking forward to the holiday season and the much needed break. This year, students have an opportunity to relieve some of that stress and get into the spirit of the holidays as the first half of the year winds to a close. For the first time in DGN history,  the student activities department will be hosting an all-school...

Ross Riot Ep. 14 - We <3 David Bote
Madeline Schallmoser and Emma Cho May 11, 2021
The Community Impact Podcast Ep.6 - A conversation with Judge Ann Celine Walsh
The Community Impact Podcast Ep.6 - A conversation with Judge Ann Celine Walsh
Claire Gorey and Allie Emmet May 11, 2021
BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) seeks to put together the performance of a lifetime in the new Sing 2.
Review: Sing 2
Kyle Kucera, Opinion Editor • January 11, 2022
Worst Side Story
Julia Hanson, A&E Editor • January 11, 2022