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  • March 173/12/21 - Girls' Varsity Basketball win a share of WSC
  • March 173/13/21 - DG gymnastics conference champions
  • March 173/14/21 - Boys' Varsity Basketball conference champions
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What can be expected during DGN’s first homecoming after the pandemic
Lauren Pierret, News Editor • October 18, 2021

This week marks DGN’s first homecoming week since the COVID-19 pandemic. While many schools in surrounding areas aren’t fully celebrating homecoming, DGN’s got big plans.    The Dance:  This year, like many other Illinois high schools, DGN is opting to hold its homecoming dance outdoors to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while changing as little as possible to the structure of the celebration. This year’s dance will begin at 6:00 pm and go until 9:00 pm. Like always, the homecoming...

Graphic by Gina Liu
English Department adopts 80/20 grading policy
Maddy McGovern, In-Depth Editor • October 14, 2021

For the 2021-22 school year, District 99 ruled that no more than 20 percent of a student’s grade can be attributed to homework and other assessments for learning. In response to this decision, the DGN English department has embraced a department-wide 80/20 grading policy. Students’ grades will now be based on two categories: 80 percent of each grade will come from summative assessments, which are typically larger, end-of-unit evaluations. The remaining 20 percent will come from formative assessments,...

DEFENDING LOS: DGN students in construction outfits square off with the white-shirted York students. The confrontation led to a food fight and police involvement.
Battle at Los: York and DGN students clash after football game
Maeve Dietrich Emma Gramm, Feature Editor • October 14, 2021

Despite the 10-28 loss, DGN students rushed to Los Burritos Tapatios concluding the York vs. DGN football game Sept. 17. It has been a tradition for the DGN student section to celebrate a win at “Los” for years, but this time students were not heading there victoriously. The DGN football fans felt the need to defend their cherished taco place after they overheard the York’s student section chanting “We want tacos!” from the opposite end of Carsten’s Field.  The Dukes fulfilled...

Ross Riot Ep. 14 - We <3 David Bote
Madeline Schallmoser and Emma Cho May 11, 2021
The Community Impact Podcast Ep.6 - A conversation with Judge Ann Celine Walsh
The Community Impact Podcast Ep.6 - A conversation with Judge Ann Celine Walsh
Claire Gorey and Allie Emmet May 11, 2021
Lillie Cawthrone (left), Eleanor Harris (middle), Andrew Marron (right)
Review: Blithe Spirit
Adam Yeo and Josiah Poynter October 15, 2021
STARGAZING: Junior Veronica LaSota takes in Van Gogh’s art.
Review: Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit
Julia Hanson, A&E Editor • October 14, 2021