The Mystery of Benson Boone

The Mystery of Benson Boone

Screenshot taken from Benson Boone’s Instagram

On the morning of January 22, I walked into journalism and a 15 x 18 inch white cardboard envelope was sitting on the desk. Addressed to THE OMEGA, the contents of this strange package were nothing shy of mysterious. 100 posters and bookmarks of a random musician were mailed and shipped to our high school publication, but for what reason? The name: Benson Boone. Who is this guy and why does his poster look like he’s blankly staring into my soul?


Benson Boone is a verified artist with 14.1 million monthly listeners and one million Instagram followers. His hit song “In the Stars” went viral on Tiktok with hundreds of thousands of videos made. 


The plot thickened when Boone posted on his instagram story a picture of the posters with the caption “Who made these?” On closer inspection, the photo was taken in the journalism room as DGN’s carpet is visible in the background. This post raises many questions. Who sent the photo to Boone? Is it simply a marketing ploy? Does he have a crazy fanbase? And what does this all have to do with the Omega?


The envelope was sent by a marketing assistant from Warner Records, Boone’s record label. Many unanswered questions remain, and it is unknown if we will ever get to the bottom of this conundrum, but what I do know is that if you want a Benson Boone poster, stop by room 266. 

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