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Southwest meltdown affects students and staffs winter break plans

Southwest ‘meltdown’ affects students’ and staff’s winter break plans

Ella Mancuso, Feature Editor January 26, 2023

This past December, Americans prepared to travel to destinations all over the world for winter break vacation, although Southwest Airlines had different intentions. Due to staff shortages and weather conditions...

End of an era: downtowns rapidly changing storefronts

End of an era: downtown’s rapidly changing storefronts

Ella Mancuso, Feature Editor January 26, 2023

On October 8, Louisa’s and Millie’s chocolate shop in downtown Downers Grove, ending an eighteen-year staple to downtown’s storefronts. Downtown Downers Grove’s storefronts are rapidly changing,...

Eliminating toxic stigmas around men’s mental health awareness

Ella Mancuso, Feature Editor January 24, 2023

Men’s mental health awareness has been in the spotlight of social media, with athletes and celebrities like Michael Phelps and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sharing their personal struggles with mental...

HOPPING THE WALL: Physical education teacher Jose Oleaga visits The Great Wall of China with a new friend.

Around The World: DGN students and staff share their travel experiences

Ava LaBianco, News Editor December 12, 2022

Everyone has dreams. For some it is going to college, others it is wealth. For these three particular staff members, their dream is to travel the world. Here are three stories from Beth Lee, Gunde Burritt,...

18 FOR 18: The 18 in the setter’s spot, a constant reminder to players of the movement following Beth Dunlap’s passing.

Kavanaugh: ‘Intent was never to keep 18s’

Julia Hanson, Editor-in-Chief December 9, 2022

A few feet away from each other are two small 18s painted in the middle of the Purple Gym floor– something students may not have ever noticed. They’re a subtle, but meaningful representation of both...

LEADING THE MASSES: Students pose for a picture while volunteering at the Grove Express 5k.

DGN supports non-for-profits in the holiday season

Sarah Woods, A&E Editor December 9, 2022

  The holiday season is one full of giving, care, and spreading love throughout family and community members. DGN shares these values through donating to numerous non-for-profits, most of which...

Male cheerleaders impact competition season

Male cheerleaders impact competition season

Taylor Kuelthau, In-depth Editor December 7, 2022

Football season has come to an end and competition season for the cheer team has begun.  IHSA allows each team to compete in six competitions, and with the first competition Dec. 4, the cheerleaders have...

SWARMING COMMUNITIES: Several harmful and misleading components found in local newspapers.

Media literacy: Mock newspaper reaches community mailboxes

Julia Hanson, Editor-in-Chief November 16, 2022

In recent weeks, registered Illinois voters have stepped onto their porches to find a copy of the DuPage Policy Journal sitting on their doorstep. Its front page wears traditional newspaper features–...

Photo by Ellie Watts

Policy changes impact middle school crowd at football games

Maggie Fleming, Opinion Editor November 11, 2022

High school football games are home to chaos. Everything about the setting emits mayhem– the raging crowd squished in alarmingly shaky bleachers, the smack of snare drums at halftime, the loud whistles,...

Graphic by Brooke Bobbitt

Athenas lack proper practice space

Maggie Fleming, Opinion Editor November 9, 2022

When you walk through the underground track, you’re met with booming music from the weight room and a subtle breeze as the gym class runs their lap right around you. One thing you may not notice is the...

Stolen parking passes cause for replacement stickers

Taylor Kuelthau, In-depth Editor November 1, 2022

Parking passes at Downers Grove North are looking different this year.  To symbolize a pass, students were originally given a hang tag that they could attach to their rearview mirror.  However, stolen...

CREATING BONDS: The group of six close friends pose together for a picture.

Remembering Caden McCann: Friends reflect

Julia Hanson, Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2022

"Caden walked out with a sombrero, sparkly silver vest, and an indescribable green patterned shirt,” senior Finn McTigue said, after he and some friends searched for something to wear for the Halloween-themed...

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