Abby Streff: Female conservative

Q: What is your gender and what political party would you currently catergorize yourself under? 

A: I am a female and I catergorize myself into the Republican and or Conservative party. 

Q: If you were able to vote in this election who would you vote for and beliefs of their’s draw you to them? 

A: Personally, since the debates beforehand did not go as well, I really don’t think I would vote for either of them, mostly because they are two very older men. I think that not only should the country be run by somebody who is much younger, but I think both of them kind of crashed, if you know what I mean, during the debates. However, though, I do associate myself more with Trump just because our ideals regarding abortion and gun rights are similar. In the end, I don’t think I would vote for either of them. 

Q: Have you ever been ridiculed for being a female conservative and what were those instances like for you? 

A: In terms of being a female conservative, I think the biggest one I have gotten ridiculed for before would be abortion because I know it is a very sensitive and strong topic when it comes to females, especially women who are unable to get them. I personally believe that abortion does kill the baby, and people have told me that I should be standing for the right of the women since I am one and that I should be supporting them, but for the most part that is what I have been ridiculed for. 

Q: Do feel as though you have to keep things quiet at some points because your gender is sometimes not socially accepted to be affiliated with the Republican party? 

A: I definitely have. Certain people are silenced depending on times they are ridiculed. I like to be more bold and I like to put my opinion out there because I am not ashamed of who I am but there have definitely been instances of people being outwardly mean and calling me names that have hurt a couple times. That’s kind of made me step down a little bit just because I know that the world isn’t perfect and people are going to try to hurt you based on what you believe. A  lot of the people that I was friends with when I started to lean toward being more conservative were very liberal, and there have not been as many girls I have met who have had the same views as me. I’ve had friends as me why or have almost just questioned me and tried to make me in a way transfer to being a democrat or asked me questions that made me feel bad about who I was. I have felt silenced at times for being a conservative who is female, but for the most part, I have tended to not post on social media as much because I think it’s silly and it doesn’t exactly do anything except for I suppose spread awareness for certain things. All in all, I have been unashamed and no one can change that. 

Q: Has somebody with the same political ideology ever shot you or your opinion down because of your gender?

A: No, that has never happened to me. 

Q: Do you have any female conservative role models or political role models in general? 

A: I have a big conservative female role model who is Candace Owens. I think that not only do I find her inspiring because she is African American who is a conservative but she spreads awareness for things that should be looked on more, I know abortion is a big one. She is very educated on that and she is not afraid to say something about it because I know there aren’t many African Americans out there who do lean more towards the conservative side. I think that she is that one percent that we should have more of and inspire more younger females no matter what race or ethnicity they are to stand up.

Q: Do you feel that 2020 has caused a shift, whether that be good or bad, on other people’s views on conservative females? 

A: Yeah I think 2020 has taken a bad shift on this just because I think they’re taking some ideology and twisting it around to make it seem as if conservatives are racist or they don’t approve of certain things that they know should be approved of. I feel like they are doing it because there is so much going on and I am sure that it is not intentional but I know, like I said before, people are purposefully mean to try and shut people down that are a different political party than them and I just think that it is really important right now that we possibly come to a silver lining and with this situation going on and especially with BLM and I know that’s a really big one with faulting conservatives, but I hope we can all agree that we are all one race and in terms of what is going on in the world, that we just need to be one as America. 

Q: If you were to give any advice to female conservatives who are not comfortable with being outspoken with their views due to fear, what would that be? 

A: I feel that good advice for female conservatives would be to stop being afraid of what people may think of you and you shouldn’t feel forced to change your opinion based on who your friends are, being a female conservative is underrated right now, I guess if you could say that. You should not be shameful of your ideas.