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  • March 173/12/21 - Girls' Varsity Basketball win a share of WSC
  • March 173/13/21 - DG gymnastics conference champions
  • March 173/14/21 - Boys' Varsity Basketball conference champions

He’s not All That

Maeve Dietrich, In-Depth and Social Media Editor September 16, 2021

As I settled down to watch He’s All That, I expected to be unimpressed by a predictable plot that had no really working climax and random Kim Kardashian cameos. Nevertheless, this movie hit it right...

He’s definitely All That

Gretchen Lucina, Editor-In-Chief September 16, 2021

To my amazement, He’s All That exceeded my expectations enormously (to be fair my standard for the movie was at an all time low). I personally do not like TikTok stars because I think it is ridiculous...

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Seniors Gretchen Lucina and Maeve Dietrich write about the new movie Hes all that.

Head to head: He’s All That

Maeve Dietrich & Gretchen Lucina, In-Depth and Social Media Editor & Editor-in-chief September 16, 2021

Which EIC are you?

Which EIC are you?

Maggie Ward, Editor-in-Chief September 1, 2021

QUESTION OF THE YEAR: WHICH EIC ARE YOU? https://www.buzzfeed.com/dgnomega/which-eic-are-you-82t84hop6m 

PLAYBILL: This years varsity play was Revenge of the Space Pandas, originally written by David Mamet as a family friendly comedy.

Review: Revenge of the Space Pandas

Maggie Ward, Editor-in-Chief August 30, 2021

Walking into Revenge of the Space Pandas, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Why are there pandas in space? What do they want to get revenge on? I had no expectations. That said,...

POPPING POSTER: The films vibrant and colorful poster perfectly sets the tone for the experience to come

Review: The Suicide Squad

Anthony Marsicano, Sports Editor August 26, 2021

After a horrendous first installment and a fairly well-received spin-off, DC Comics and Warner Bros. were looking to make a bang with their third movie featuring the characters from 2016’s Suicide Squad....

BINGE WATCHING: Season two exceeded my expectations, leaving me watching the series as fast as I could.

Review: Outer Banks Season Two

Gretchen Lucina, A&E Editor August 6, 2021

The highly awaited season two of “Outer Banks” came out July 30, and like many others, I binge watched the season as well. The first season was a major hit last summer, released during the peak of...

BEWITCHED: Host of the Devil, Arne Johnson (Ruairi OConnor) comes back to consciousness after a murderous, demonic rage.

Review: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Julia Hanson, A&E Editor July 4, 2021

Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are back again to combat evil while continuing to be, in my opinion, the cutest couple in horror movie history. This third installment of The...

SLY STYLE: Cruella (Emma stone) assumes a mischievous glance at the camera as she formulates her vengeful plan to overthrow her rival, the Baroness (Emma Thompson).

Review: Cruella

Nicholas Hanscom, In-Depth Editor June 20, 2021

101 dalmatians, 101 percent perfection! Serving as a prequel to the timeless 1961 Disney tale 101 Dalmatians, Cruella clears the fog around the dog-skinning, fashion-obsessed villain Cruella (Emma Stone)...

QUIETLY DISQUIETED: Evelyn, Regan and Marcus Abbott (played by Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, respectively) commence their search for any other living humans after the film’s infamous creatures wreaked havoc on their home.

Review: A Quiet Place Part II

Nicholas Hanscom, In-Depth Editor June 2, 2021

Shhh…be quiet! The creatures that bombarded the Abbott family in 2018’s A Quiet Place are back for another round of devastation. Although, this time, they are more gruesome, brutal and violent as...

LOVE VS. LIFE: Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will (Cole Sprouse) sit five feet apart as they have to make the decision between being together and or risking their chance at life. Both deal with Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening disease, and know the potential consequences to their actions.

Review: Five Feet Apart

Elle Kowalski, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

While strong feelings of isolation and lonesomeness emerged in 2020, the movie Five Feet Apart offers reassurance that others are going through the same. The broader picture of the movie shows the importance...

HIDDEN GEM: Al’s Pizzeria is a perfect place to try authentic Italian meals located in North Riverside. Switch up your everyday choice of pizza and you wont go back.

Always Choose Al’s

Elle Kowalski, Staff Writer May 17, 2021

Al's Restaurant and Pizzeria is the perfect place for a small taste of Italy, as the menu includes flavorful, traditional Italian meals and mouth-watering thin-crust pizza for their specialty. If anyone's...

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