He’s definitely All That

Gretchen Lucina, Editor-In-Chief

To my amazement, He’s All That exceeded my expectations enormously (to be fair my standard for the movie was at an all time low). I personally do not like TikTok stars because I think it is ridiculous how much they get paid for doing a simple dance. Hearing TikTok star Addison Rae was the lead in the new movie, I needed to watch it just to make fun of it. Now I feel guilty because I highly enjoyed the movie.

Airing on Netflix Aug. 25, the movie starts with Padgett’s (Addison Rae) boyfriend cheating on her while her ‘so-called’ friends videotaping it. Padgett is very famous on the internet, living a perfect life but in reality, she is far from perfect, living an average life. She and her friends make a bet that she will have to pick another outcast boy, Cameron, and transform him to become popular.

For being a TikTok star, Addison Rae’s acting was better than I’d expect. For being a Tiktok star, I would say her acting in the movie was better than good. There were definitely some parts in the movie where I cringed, but overall Rae did a good job in playing her role. When I put my knowledge of how she became famous aside and watched the movie, I would’ve just thought that she was a beginning actress. 

I think the directors were smart in choosing Rae to be in the movie along with Kourtney Kardashian (playing Padgett’s manager) because it brought attention to the movie making people watch it.

Despite what some might say (@ Maeve), Cameron (Tanner Buchanan) had more than just a haircut transformation. She claims changing his hair is all that he did, but that’s just not true. Switching up his wardrobe, having a personality growth by becoming more social, and (yes) the hair, were all things that added to his dramatic glow up. Buchanan was perfect for the role, playing the nerdy schoolboy and the transformed cool kid to a T. 

Addison Rae has been getting hate from other critics about her role in He’s All That. But, one actress in a movie shouldn’t determine whether you like it or not. If you get over the fact that you don’t like her, then you will love the movie. Only being an hour and 30 minutes, it’s a short, entertaining movie.

The different sets, scenes, and characters made the movie for me. Every set was displayed excellently, my favorite being the difference between Padgett’s fancy room, and the rest of her house looking completely average. The scenes could get a little much sometimes, but all in all, they were pleasing.

Whether it is to make fun of it or just for something to do, just watch the movie yourself. I started the movie looking to hate it, but I was pleasantly surprised and that could be you.