Athlete of the month: Maggie Casey


Photo courtesy Carrie From Photography

HIT: Maggie Casey (12) returns the ball to her opponent

Vanessa Lopez, Sports Editor

Senior Maggie Casey made her last season a memorial one. She stayed upbeat to make this season count.

“I stayed optimistic and positive during this tennis season. While it wasn’t close to normal, I made sure to be grateful for the opportunity to have a season with my amazing teammates,” Casey said. “I made the most of this to have a great senior season. It was different than the past seasons, but the best season gave the circumstances.”

One of the highlights of this season for Casey was that junior Madeline From made a video reflecting on the season.

“It was absolutely amazing and such a great end of the season surprise for everyone,” Casey said.

Casey helped lead the tennis team in her last season she was a co-captain and the main organizer and communicator.

The team as a whole stayed motivated the season. They help each other reach their end which was sectionals. Casey looked to the future to make sure she gave her all to the end of the season.

“I always think about looking back at that moment and not wanting to regret it. With tennis, I don’t know how long it will be until I get to play competitively again,” Casey said. “I made sure it give it my all at every game and match so I can look back and be proud of my effort.”

Casey’s best match score was 6-3 8-6 against OPRF.