IHSA updates on modified sport seasons


Photo courtesy of IHSA

Photo Courtesy of the IHSA

Vanessa Lopez, Sports Editor

The Illinois High School Association announced new updates to all the sports seasons for the 2020-2021 school year. The return to activity guidelines has been updated on Sept. 15, and the board of directors has approved a modified postseason state series tournaments on Aug. 24. Along with other updates concerning fees and Covid-19 precautions.

Fall sports seasons have had little to no setbacks. This has given the green light to allow the winter, spring, and summer seasons to revert to their normal season game limitations. Teams will also be able to play more than two contests a week as of right now, but there are no changes to the tournament limitations.

The new summer season will begin two weeks earlier than initially announced. Summer sports can now (baseball, softball, track & field, girls soccer, lacrosse, boys tennis, boys volleyball) start practices on April 19 and games on May 3.

Additionally, the IHSA board of directors approved a plan to have a modified postseason state series tournaments for girls tennis, girls swimming and diving, boys and girls golf, and boys and girls cross country this fall.

These sports will be allowed to compete within their localized geographical area. Sports are allowed only one round of competition.

“Financial challenges remain on the horizon in 2020-21 due to the limited number of sports currently classified as ‘low risk’ by the state, making the chances of conducting full state series tournaments unlikely at this time,” IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson said.

All four seasons will come to a definite end on October 24. Boys golf will be held on October 6 and girls golf on October 7, with the other sports may compete the week of October 19-24.

The IHSA will allow a $100 state series entry fee for any school entering a team or individual in any of the fall sports, the money will go to the hosting school. For the first time since the 2004-2005 season, as there will be no spectators attending these state series competitions.

The IHSA will meet all Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines as the safety of these student athletes are in their best interests.

“The health and safety of the student-athletes, their coaches, and their school communities has been our priority from the start of the pandemic,” Anderson said.

The IHSA will finalize and release details for each fall state series, within the coming weeks. Showing dates, schedules, awards, structure, and additional safety precautions against Covid-19.