At-home activities: ‘Coronavirus Olympics’

Jill Anthony, A&E Editor

My brother, Matt, and I don’t get along very often. I mean like once in a blue moon can we sit civilly in the same room together. However, one thing we agree on is that we are extremely bored. We decided, after a lot of arguing, to play a “Coronavirus Olympics” of sorts. 5 rounds of games or activities we can play at home and see who is the superior Anthony child (spoiler alert: it’s not him).

Closest to ten ice cubes: see who gets the closest to ten ice cubes wins a point.

Closest to 10 ice cubes wins

Event number one consisted of holding a cup under our fridge’s ice dispenser and whoever catches the closest to ten ice cubes wins the point. This was our strategy-based event of the day, and we decided to turn it up a notch. Most videos we have seen of this activity used clear glasses so the ice cubes could be counted as they entered the glass, but we decided to use opaque cups so if we didn’t count hast enough, we’d have to take a wild guess. Because I’m clearly the genius among the two of us, it comes to no surprise that I came out victorious. Matt: 1, Jill: 1.

1-on-1 basketball

We have a basketball hoop in our driveway, so naturally the

next event of our DIY Olympics was an old-school 1-on-1 basketball game. Matt and I both have an equal amount of elementary school park district basketball experience. Because of this, it was a very close race throughout the entire pickup game. The first to 20 was the winner, and I’m sad to say it was Matt. Matt: 1, Jill: 0.

Egg on a spoon race: hold an egg on a spoon and walk across your house. Be eggs-tra careful!

Egg and spoon race

The egg and spoon race was something I played at birthday parties as a kid, and let me tell you, balance does not run in the Anthony family. This was perhaps the most embarrassing round for the both of us. How the egg and spoon race works is you hold an egg on a spoon with an outstretched arm and see how far you can walk in the shortest amount of time. Although balance is not my forte, I managed to pull out a win. Matt: 1, Jill: 2.

The blindfolded marshmallow game

The Blindfolded Marshmallow Game: attempt to move as many marshmallows from one bowl to another with the spoon…while blindfolded.

Round four was also a childhood memory of mine. While I don’t have an official title for the game, “The blindfolded marshmallow game” seems like the perfect fit. How it works is the player is blindfolded with a wooden spoon and a full bowl of marshmallows and another empty bowl. The goal is to try to get as many marshmallows in the empty bowl as possible in 30 seconds. I promise, it’s much harder than it looks. Matt managed to win this round, but he probably cheated when I wasn’t looking. Matt: 2, Jill: 2


The tie breaking round was a classic game of bags. Bags, beanbags, cornhole, whatever you want to call it. Little did Matt know, he was playing against the bags master. The first-to-21 game was a clean sweep and I demolished him, no questions asked. Matt: 2, Jill: 3. I know we aren’t surprised, but yours truly came out victorious. Gold medal to me!