Governor Pritzker announces ‘Restore Illinois’ plan to reopen state

Madeline Schallmoser, Sports Editor

Governor J. B. Pritzker introduced a five phase plan to reopen Illinois. The Restore Illinois plan, announced on May 5th, divides the state into four regions, allowing each to move through the phases independently as requirements are met. 

Regions can return to a previous phase if necessary, and the plan is subject to change as updated information and data becomes available. 

The plan divides the state into Northeast Illinois, North Central Illinois, Central Illinois, and Southern Illinois. These regions are based on regional healthcare availability. DuPage County is located in Northeast Illinois.

Phase 1 of the plan involves rapid spread of the virus and has already been experienced in each region. 

Illinois is currently in the midst of Phase 2, as the rate of increase of infections and hospitalizations slows. Non-essential businesses can re-open for curbside pick-up and delivery and outdoor activities such as golf, fishing and boating are permitted given social distancing is practiced. Face coverings are required in public places where a 6-foot social distance cannot be maintained. 

Phase 3 will begin as rates of infection, hospitalization, and demand for ICU beds stabilize or begin to decrease. Manufacturing, offices, and other nonessential business can begin to reopen following proper safety guidelines. Group gatherings of less than ten people will be permitted. 

A continued decrease in rates of infection and hospitalization will mark the beginning of Phase 4. Bars and restaurants can begin to reopen with restrictions, and gatherings of up to 50 people will be allowed. Travel will resume and schools will reopen following state safety guidelines. 

In phases 3 and 4, face coverings and social distancing will be considered the norm. 

Regions can enter Phase 5 when a vaccine or successful treatment is found, or no new cases are reported over a designated period of time. The economy will fully reopen, and all large events and recreational activities will be permitted with modified safety procedures. 

Information on the plan’s impact on DGN can be found here.