An important message from the Editors-in-Chief

Sam Bull and Sam Weinheimer

As Editors-in-Chief and along with the entire Omega staff, we acknowledge and regret our mistakes in the February issue. We will work to express our sincerest apologies in the form of truthful and reputable journalism for the rest of the year and beyond. We understand the negative implications of our errors, and we will correct those errors and move beyond them as better writers with the utmost diligence and journalistic integrity. 

We are not about to point to tight deadlines as an excuse for our mistakes because we absolutely could’ve found a way to make time for more meticulous story revisions and research. In the future, we will better include and provide proper context for the information given to us by students and staff around the school. We also vow to double-check our research for accuracy and legitimacy before it goes to print. We extend further apologies to those individuals whose statements and beliefs were misrepresented in the last issue.

The harsh reality is we were not doing our jobs well enough as leaders to prevent these mistakes. Even though we take accountability for errors made by the individual, we rank collectivism higher. The fallacies spotted by the readers are not the fault of a singular person, but the entire Omega staff. Likewise, when a mistake is made, readers are not thinking of the one person who did it, but instead our publication as a whole.

It hurts our pride to give countless hours toward a story or a page only for it to be undermined by mistakes. Our mission statement involves words such as accuracy and ethics, and we know that last issue did not fully reflect this statement of which we hold ourselves accountable. We will work our absolute hardest to provide quality news for the rest of the school year and beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Omega staff in the future if you have questions or find errors. Thank you.

Last issue’s errors:

  • On page 2 in the article “Scholarships created in memory of lost students,” it is stated that Mark Bliss passed away his sophomore year. Mark Bliss passed his freshman year in 2015, not his sophomore year.
  • A pull-quote from English teacher Michael Tompkins included several grammatical errors, including the spelling of “how” as “hw,” “but it” as “butit,” “mouths” as “mouthes,” as well as the general misrepresentation of Tompkins’ quotes. 
  • Several pictures lack a photo credit. All photos on page two, as well as the photo of Claudia Areddia in feature, are credited to Andy Thompson. 
  • Lack of proper spacing and font consistency on pages 6,7,8, and 9.
  • Inconsistent pull-quote styles on page 6. 
  • Subpar headline writing for page 4’s sign language club story.
  • The last word (“said”) of Jack Mielke’s featured athletes story is cut off on page 11.
  • COVOID-19 should be changed to COVID-19 in every instance that it is mentioned.
  • In-Depth page 8’s staff editorial cuts off before the last line