Bass fishing to double in size 2019-2020 school year


HUGE TURNOUT: over 100 people attend the 2019-2020 school year’s first bass fishing meeting on Aug. 28.

Hailey Grubich, Feature Editor

The DGN bass fishing team is expected to double in size, making it one of the fastest-growing clubs. Based on data from the team’s captain, senior Owen Gramm, almost 300 students signed up at the activities fair Aug. 27, and around 150 students attended the first meeting Aug. 28. 

“I seriously think (people are interested in the club) just because most kids think it’s hysterical. It’s hysterical to say that you’re on the bass fishing team,” Gramm said. “I think that people really enjoy having their voices heard in the group, too. For kids to be able to say, ‘hey, I think we should go do this’, and then we make it happen, or they say, ‘I think we should have this on our team shop’, and we make it happen, it’s fun.” 

As a member of the team, you attend school meetings and competitively fish in IHSA bass fishing tournaments. president of team apparel Henry Gates explains what an average meeting looks like.

“There’s different levels of fishermen on the team, so a lot of the meetings are dedicated to teaching the younger fishermen the basics of fishing. Then the older, more experienced fishermen are there to help Coach G (Bass Fishing Team sponsor Chris Guerrieri) as well,” Gates said. 

Although the team only attended a total of two tournaments in the 2018-2019 school year, they are hoping to compete in at least five this upcoming season.  At tournaments, a total of four students are chosen to compete. The rest of the students stay on land, where there is a designated ‘grill team’ and activities. 

“The tournaments are eight hours, nonstop fishing. We don’t eat or anything. We pee off of the side of the boat,” Gramm said. “We got the grill team which consists of everyone else, that’s what the sidelines are for.” 

The bass fishing team head of recruitment Justin Japlon credits the popularity of the club to the publicity on social media, as well as the spirit of the team. 

“We have the best apparel out of any club in the school. We have beanies, baseball hats, bucket hats, shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, flannels, denim jackets, and new jerseys every year. In the near future, we will have DGN bass fishing jorts available. No other club has the enthusiasm that we do which is why everyone wants to get in and join,” Japlon said. 

Junior Maddie Redpath joined the team because she liked the apparel and the idea of fishing with a team.  

“So far, I haven’t done much with the team, but I’m very impressed with how included they have made me feel, saying that I can go out fishing with them. Because it is such a laid back club, it makes being a part of it still really fun, but also not stressful at all,” Redpath said