Review: Scary(-ish) Stories to Tell in the Dark

Jill Anthony, A&E Editor

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a book that traumatized childhoods for kids everywhere, but its spine chilling tales didn’t stop them from lining up at the library itching to get a copy of the haunting book. In August 2019, the film version of Scary Stories was released, carrying on the books’ legacy for new generations.

The film, directed by André Øvredal, brings watchers back to fourth grade when groups of friends would be huddled together in a pillow fort eager to read about severed limbs and characters with crooked teeth and missing eyes. 

Øvredal was inspired by The Brothers Grimm fairy tales. These fairy tales aren’t your average pretty pink princess stories; these have dark twists and turns on each page. Scary Stories is no different.

The lighting and music in Scary Stories are just like your average scary movie, dark and dingy. However, that does just the trick to add a little extra suspense to each scene. The gloomy vibe pairs perfectly with the horrific creatures brought to life in the form of special effects and makeup.

Scary Stories is a mild horror type of film, meant for the younger generations of moviegoers. If you are looking for something to make you jump out of your seat, try The Ring or The Exorcist. However, if you enjoy nostalgia or are forced to go see a scary movie with a group of friends, Scary Stories is the way to go.