Review: Game of Thrones — Season Eight, Episode Six (“The Iron Throne”)

Sam Bull, Opinion Editor

Game of Thrones is officially over, and what a ride it’s been. Drama, action, romance, even a hint of comedy here and there. But this last episode just did not represent the last eight seasons, nor did it give us a particularly satisfying ending.

It just seemed off that Bran was chosen to be king, because he had essentially done nothing to earn it, and he didn’t even want it. The only thing that Bran did this season was tell Jon that he is the true heir, meaning that Bran should not be king even if he wanted it.

Additionally, it makes little sense that Grey Worm would not want Jon to be king of the Seven (well, Six) Kingdoms if the Unsullied were planning on sailing to Naath anyway, because that would be far away from Westeros and who sits on the throne would have no effect on them.

Something done well was Jon’s emotional roller coaster throughout the episode, especially with him having to kill Daenerys himself. It is the classic example of doing what’s right, even if it’s hard, and it was executed well.

There has been plenty of public outrage about the writing of the final season, and how bad the ending was. It is clear and obvious that George R.R. Martin was not writing this season as he was the previous seven, and this season’s plot was definitely sub-par.

While the writing was not good, it is still important to understand just how amazing other aspects of the show were, especially the cinematography. The work put in to create unbelievable battles, such as the Battle of Winterfell, is truly unbelievable and the end result was spectacular.

Despite the bad writing, the ending was at least a little bit satisfactory, as every surviving Stark was in a position of general contentedness. However, with the volume of ridiculous plot twists and surprises that we were given in the previous seven seasons, it was a bit boring of an ending.

Above all else, satisfying ending or not, there is absolutely no reason why Game of Thrones, with all its fantastic elements, should not be regarded as one of television’s greatest ever fantasy dramas.