Community mourns tragic death of loved student


Moises Dominguez

After Beth Dunlap (11) passed away, students honored her by putting flowers and candles at the crash site. However, the Dunlap family requested that the memorial be moved from the crash site, explaining that it “is not where Beth became the person we all loved.”

Sarah Rogoz, Editor-In-Chief

For the first time ever, The Omega Newspaper staff put together an 18-page issue, followed by two dedication pages, for Junior Beth Dunlap. Beth passed away Friday Feb. 22, and the family has been asking the community to remember her in a unique way.

“Beth’s number in volleyball was 18.  Consider doing something positive in regards to this number in her honor.  For example, you might perform 18 random acts of kindness. You might donate $18 to a charity,” Principal Schwarze wrote in a school-wide email on behalf of the family’s wishes

This idea of doing 18 things in honor  of Beth was created by her family in the days leading up to her death. However, these acts have continued all the way up until the date this publication was sent to print and will continue for long after.

Throughout the first 18 pages of the issue, you will find one thing Beth loved at the top of each page. These are things that friends have remembered about her that showcase what type of person she was.

There was a memorial for her on Main Street, but was moved to the Prince street entrance. Signs still remain inside the building on the pillars in the Main Street entrance.

“A trust fund called the Beth Dunlap 18 Fund has been set up at Chase Bank (deposits can be made at any Chase location); all of the proceeds from the trust fund will be used to benefit First United Methodist Church,, and to launch a private charitable fund to benefit underprivileged youth volleyball players,” Schwarze said in a school-wide email.

Organizations all over the town have commemorated Beth by doing 18 things for their sports. The theme for the basketball games throughout playoffs have been “Beth Strong” as well.

The number 18 can be found on athletes shoes, printed onto numerous t-shirts,  and molded into bracelets. This number no longer is just a digit. It now embodies Beth and the legacy she left behind.