Testing center inconsistencies cause inconvenience

Matt Troher , Editor-in-Chief

For the past two years, the DGN testing center has seen a degree of variability as to the hours it has been open.

The testing center, a room where students go to make up missed tests, is typically open during lunch periods as well as before and after school. Recently, the testing center has periodically been closed during portions of the time it’s supposed to be open.

Typically, an all-school email is sent out to inform students that the testing center will be closed that certain day, and what times it will be closed.

Sophomore Abbey Goodman, like most students, uses the testing center to make up tests she has missed in her math class. The inconsistencies in the testing center schedule have led to inconsistencies in Goodman’s schedule.

“When you do need to finish a test, it’s a good resource. But when you don’t get a warning beforehand, like a week in advance saying what days it’s going to be closed, then its kind of inconvenient,” Goodman said.

The testing center is staffed by DGN support staff, particularly student supervisors.

When a testing center employee calls out sick, Associate Principal Kelly Zuerner goes through a process to try and keep the center running as smoothly as possible.

“Calling in subs [can be] very difficult to get if last minute, [so we try] restructuring the student supervisors’ schedule whenever possible,” Zuerner said about the process of keeping the testing center open.

During the 2018-19 school year, the testing center has been closed for at least a portion of its operating hours eight times, with six of those closures occurring during the month of September.

“It’s a ripple effect, students are affected, which affects teachers, which also affects parents,” Zuerner said.