“Searching” Clicks with Audiences

Patrick Brooks, A&E Editor


“Searching” looked like just another horror movie. However, by the end of the movie it leaves the audience with so much more than most would expect in terms of acting, visuals and storytelling.

Despite the entirety of the film being from David’s phone, Margot’s computer or David’s computer. I never felt like I wanted to look away or felt like I was missing anything. The story was always enough to keep the audience invested.

The representation of the internet in “Searching”was done expertly. The wild speculation about who took Margot Kim (Mitchell La) and people pretending to know her for attention all feel possible. Someone at DGN could go missing and I would expect Downers Grove to react the same the city does in “Searching”.

Only two things ever really bothered me.  First the mouse doesn’t exactly move like someone who is used to using computers. it can be a little robotic at times, but ultimately does not ruin the experience. Second the film can also slow down a little for the twist.