Review: Thank You for Today proves exciting for long time Death Cab fans

Patrick Brooks, A&E Editor


Thank You for Today is probably the most promising album of the 2010’s for both long-time Death Cab fans and newcomers. With a new producer, Rich Costly, and a new member, Dave Depper, Thank You for Today looks to take Death Cab in a new direction.

Death Cab’s 9th studio album features themes of introspection and reflection. Songs like Summer Years and 60 & Punk have Ben Gibbard asking questions like “were you happier when you were poor?”

This is also Death Cab’s first album without Chris Walla, their longtime guitarist as well as producer. Thank you for today was produced by Costly, notable for his work with The Shins, The Foo Fighters, and Weezer. Even with a new producer multiple songs on this album have elements of old classic works by Death Cab, specifically the distorted and haunting piano from “60 and Punk”.

Many themes classic themes are also revisited. “Your Hurricane” covers Ben Gibbard’s divorce with Zooey Deschanel similar to 2015’s Kintsugi. This album isn’t just a cheap rehash though. Many fans revisiting Death Cab will find a new sound. Ben Gibbard made it clear they don’t wanna fully follow new trends in music where their age will show, and this album finds a happy medium between old and new.