Hallway Chatter

The Omega staff listened to student conversations in the hallway and selected ones that “best” described our student population.

Ω ”You look like a French villain in that hat”
Ω “Is a trap car really just a trapezius vehicle?”
Ω “Vine baby, I miss you.”
Ω”I’ve recently started only speaking in reference to Vine.”
Ω “Yeah, so my family messed up assigning entrees for Thanksgiving, so we ate a turkey, some green beans, and 7 pies.”
Ω “I honestly just wish I had wheels for feet.”
Ω “It’s so cold. I hope my toes don’t fall off in my shoes’ cause that happened to my Uncle Alfred.”
Ω “Is it just me or is this school a wonderbread factory?”
Ω “He’s getting you a choker?” “He said like a promise ring for my neck.”
Ω “I know you guys would literally eat crickets for extra credit.”
Ω “Being allergic to peanuts is just natural selection at this point.”
Ω “I’d love to, but, I honestly have no interest in doing that.”
Ω “I want short hair, but to be honest, I just look like Justin Bieber as a fetus.”
Ω”She told me I was the Grinch because Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday.”
Ω”I accidently just liked someone’s Instagram picture from like three months ago.”
Ω”I don’t even care, literally kick me out of the school.”
Ω”Pull up your pants and keep acting tough.”
Ω”His nose looks like it fights itself.”
Ω “Last week, I saw a slice of bread in the hallway. I wanted to eat it so I don’t have to take finals.”