Artist of the month: Fluctuation

Kyle Schirle, A&E editor

The dictionary defines fluctuation as “shifting back and forth and changing” and changing and growing is exactly what this group of students has done. This DGN band consists of sophomores Billy Berberich (vocals), Miles Teague (keys), Eli Pfotenhaur (bass), Ben Hodonicky (guitar), and Justin Koblich (drums).
The first change the band began going through was the name. Band names are very important to a group, it’s what people know them as and it can set an impression of what their band is all about. Their name certainly represents their maturity and growth.
“The first name we had was ‘Play on word’ because we want a band name that was a play on words. Then we had a bunch of different ideas but settled on ‘The millennials’, but we aren’t even millennials. We had numerous little polls to find new names and at the end of the summer we came up with ‘The Skylines’. At one rehearsal we decided to change our name to ‘Fluctuation’ because we always were in change. We never wanted to keep the name but after the variety show people began to know us as ‘Fluctuation’ so we are kinda stuck with it” said Berberich
One of the biggest changes the band has endured is the switch an instrument switch for one of their members. When Hodonicky was asked to join the band he started out playing with a viola and put a microphone he bought on Amazon on his instrument and began covering rock songs. Over time, he made the switch to ukelele and eventually to guitar.
“Youtube is the easiest way for me to do it. You could go to a teacher but they won’t teach you what you really need for a rock band. I learned songs off of youtube and then came up with my own stuff,” said Hodonicky.
The band eventually transitioned from covering popular rock songs to creating their own music. When sitting down to write music the band often will be brainstorming, find a sound they like, and build off of that. For example, Teague wrote their first original song, “By The Night”, whereas “2-5-0” was written by Hodonicky and Koblich.
“We finally felt like we had the right group of people to start doing things and trying different colors we decided to find our own voice and sound,” Teague said. “I think that our sound depends on who starts it. Which I like that everyone in our band has their own voice”.
The band is always looking to grow and improve as musicians whether it be by practicing through private instrument lessons with Koblich and Pfotenhaur, or with Berberich joining choir to add strength to his voice, or with Hodonicky learning more about his instrument.
“I think our proudest accomplishment is all the songs that we have written. I think if you asked any of us before this band we wouldn’t have thought we would be writing music,” said Teague.
The band already has eight songs written and hopes to put their music online for all to see very soon. You can catch the band playing live at Evolution Music, located in downtown Downers Grove and be sure to look out for them in the future as they will continue to mature and grow as a group.
Currently, the band is still writing new material. “It baffles me that even after all these songs we have written, there are still so many ideas bouncing around the group for different songs to be written,” said Teague.Fluctuation