Athlete to Watch: Simone Baillargeon

Zain Bando, Sports Editor

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The name Baillargeon is synonymous with varsity cheer at DGN. Freshman Simone continues to add to the cheerleading tradition as both of her sisters, 2016 graduate Sophie and 2017 graduate Suzanne, participated in cheer during high school. With Baillargeon being the only freshman on the team, the transition for her was tough at first.

“I came from Avery Coonley, and only one other girl from my grade came here,” Baillargeon said. “I started cheer in the summer since tryouts were in the spring, so I was able to meet a lot more people through that and they were all really nice and welcoming.”

Math teacher and head varsity cheer coach Allyson Passarelli is familiar with the Baillargeon family, allowing Simone to find her role on the team from the beginning.

“[Passarelli] realized I was a freshman and did not know anyone on the team. She helped me fit in more and also knew my sisters. I would say our relationship has been pretty good,” Baillargeon said.

She plans to become involved in Positively North Stars after competition and basketball season ends.