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68′-Two Parts Viper Review

Kyle Schirle, A & E editor

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Hardcore music legend Josh Scogin’s band, 68’, is back with their second full length album, “Two Parts Viper.” The album starts very mellow with Scogin singing behind a faint glockenspiel. Then you are hit in the face with heavy riffs and distorted screaming. The rampage doesn’t stop until the end of the album. As far as hardcore albums go, this one tops the charts. Originality and hardcore generally aren’t two words that go together, but when they do, amazing things happen. 68’ changes the generic riff standard by adding slower more melodic riffs, which makes for a great album.
Favorite track: Whether Terrified or Unafraid


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Kyle Schirle, A&E Editor

Senior Kyle Schirle enjoys going by: Kyle, Schirle, Kyle Schirle, Mr. Schirle, and that guy over there. When he is not writing for the Omega he is usually:...

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