The Killers-Wonderful, Wonderful Review

Kyle Schirle, A & E editor

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Las Vegas rock band, The Killers, are coming back out of their cage and doing just fine with the release of their fifth studio album “Wonderful Wonderful”. The mix of alt rock and pop push this album above the competition.

One of my favorite tracks on this record is “The Man”. While at first you may think this song is about Brandon Flowers, the lead singer, being the top dog and running his life, but after viewing the music video for the song you learn about his insecurity when it comes to this subject. The track shows Flower’s true vocal talent as he is often switching between a falsetto sound in the bridge and a normal harmonic tone in the chorus.

My next favorite track on the album is “Tyson vs Douglas”. The track follows the story of Mike Tyson’s defeat while he was fighting Buster Douglas. Tyson was a hero for Flowers as a child and watching him get knocked out during his match made Flowers realize anyone can be defeated. The song overall reveals Flowers insecurity about how he could also be defeated even when he’s on top.

The mix of alternative rock and pop on this album makes it a very entertaining and deep album.