Master facility plan continues to progress with estimated 81.9 million dollar price tag

Natalie White , Editor In Chief

81.9 million dollars is estimated to be spent on renovations to DGN and DGS. Currently, the plan includes the White Gym at DGN being split into a loading dock on the lower level and a multi-purpose room at the upper level. However if the budget is not approved, certain aspects of the plan will be cut.  The priorities of these renovations is largely dependent on community opinion, which correlates with the district’s priorities according to communications Jill Browning.

“We are planning on letting the community provide us with the priorities they find most compelling.  Then I believe there will be a bit of a redesign to get a final product,” district controller Mark Staehlin said.

37.3 million dollars is estimated to be spent just at DGN. 25.3 million is planned to go towards a commons area, fine arts improvements and science improvements. 12 million is needed to renovate the cafeteria and classroom areas. The site plan, consisting of renovations to Carsten’s Field, is supposed to take up 4 million dollars and 3 million will go towards air conditioning.

At DGN, the current athletic facilities cause concern and injury according to Winter Athletic Director Chris McGrath. Last year in the underground track, a basketball player collided with a track runner when going to grab a loose ball. The two collided and were both injured.

“Several of our indoor athletic facilities lag behind industry standards and pose safety and competitive concerns. The coaches are excited about the possibility of a facilities upgrade at DGN and what that could mean for our student-athletes,” McGrath said.

The practice facilities currently create an unideal schedule for most sports teams. All of baseball’s morning practices before spring break start between 5 and 5:30 am due to the lack of gym availability. One third of boys’ volleyball practices occur between 6-8 pm. 25-30 percent of badminton practices are early in the morning or late at night. Additionally, DGN is the only school in the West Suburban Conference without a room dedicated for wrestling. Currently the wrestling team practices in the pool balcony.

Four year member of the wrestling team Austin Maher feels that the practice facilities limit the team due to the lack of space.

“It’s terrible. There’s no room and kids get hurt all the time from landing on the cement or each other. It’s not even a room. It’s a balcony and it’s in the pool facility so it’s really hot,” Maher said.

In the winter season, boys’ and girls’ basketball rotate practice times leaving them each with 30-40 early or late practices. Four year member of the basketball team, Hannah Ilyavi, believes that these extra times were beneficial in getting extra practice.

“Although it can be exhausting, I definitely saw improvement in my shot and game by getting to practice early or staying late. The extra practice made me more confident come game time,” llyavi said.

By the end of this calendar year, the district hopes to have specific costs and have a final plan laid out.