Students make music using life experience

Madison Venckus, Feature Editor

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Recently releasing a 12 track album, “Better than This (N.C.S)”, juniors Jarvis Rush and Ahmad Winters have been featured in school events including the talents show, Winterfest and the Spring Pep assembly. Rush and Winters promote their music through SoundCloud, Instagram, and snapchat.

“Soundcloud is the most common way we promote our music. Most high schoolers have SoundCloud for their and we promote album and songs our Soundcloud. We’re planning on expanding onto facebook to reach a larger audience beyond just our [DGN]  students,” Rush said.

Growing up, Rush listened to music and played instruments with his brothers along with being in the church choir. Being a famous artist has been his goal since he was young.

“Not realistically, I want to be like Frank Ocean, and producing music that has a message,” Rush said, “I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder.”

“I would like to study engineering and producing, that way I can work with music later in my life,” Winters said.

Winters was not into music until older, being inspired by his older cousin.

“He’s also an up and coming artist and when I saw how well he was doing, I figured, if I worked as hard as he did maybe I could be where he’s at now.”

Rush and Winter’s single, ‘Made it’, was an appreciation song for their moms, but both agree that writing songs comes most naturally to them during a stressful time.

“When there’s conflict than there’s something to write about, rather than rapping about cars and money,” Rush said.

“Don’t get us wrong, it’s [cars and money] is a fun topic, and is something that gets people hyped, but at the same time it’s nothing real,” Winters said “Personally, I don’t like the music we make, but it just does well and that’s what people like. We want to produce music people will like too.”

The two plan to continue making music and collaborating with other artists at DGN. Their new album and singles can be found on their Soundcloud account.