Romantic movies set unrealistic standards

Jack Casey, Staff Writer

Ah, romance. We are surrounded by it on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is found in our homes or in some other setting such as social media, everyone has their own idea of what a realistic relationship consists of. I, however, cannot imagine anyone envisioning what is displayed of romance in television and film. As media plays a massive role in our lives today, these films can create a fabricated expectation of love for both males and females that can have a lasting effect.

Efforts by scientists and psychologists to investigate the movies have produced shocking results. Dr. Bjarne Holmes, who led research on the topic at Heriot Watt University, believes Hollywood films create a false image of what love is like.

Holmes’ study conducted research on 40 romantic movies that were released between 1995 and 2005. They found, to no one’s surprise, that the films depicted unattainable displays of love. These movies implied that love is something that is automatically known, rather than established through time. Films studied showed love was conveyed through little to no communication between the two people who are supposedly “in love”, which is just not a reality.

Contrary to the common belief of the romantic movies that are released every year, love is not formed at first sight, it is something that needs time to develop. There are hardships in any relationship. Any movie that depicts otherwise is incorrect. When these movies suggest that romance is established without any struggle or controversy, they are giving impressionable children or young adults false expectations.

Hollywood’s attempts to sell false portrayals of love to us are no surprise. Everyone wants a perfect love. A significant other that they know will be there for them no matter what. So, in turn, Hollywood provides movies that depict the perfect love scenario in order to have people pay to see their movies. Hollywood provides what the viewer wants, so the profit in this production is, no doubt, huge.

Media consumption is an unavoidable matter in this day and age. It is imperative that viewers or people in relationships understand what is realistic in love and what is not. Romances depicted in these movies are enjoyable to fantasize about, but impossible to attain. Romantic movies fail to display the intangible parts of love that make it the roller coaster journey that it is.