Banned Books

Library celebrates 34 years of uncensored reading


Gayu Menon, News Editor

From “Fahrenheit 451” to “The Scarlet Letter”, the DGN english curriculums are jam packed with classic novels, that literature students are itching to read. But little do students know that many of these books have been challenged due to their content.

Banned Books week took place at DGN September 25 to October 1.

“Banned books week is about celebrating our freedom to read, by drawing attention to those students and people who don’t have freedom and a choice in selecting their reading materials,” librarian Stephanie Devincentis said.

Any other week of the year, students are unaware of the history behind challenged books. By having Banned Book Week, students are able to appreciate and value their ability to read any materials that they please.

“There are all kinds of books for all kinds of students. By censoring or limiting the books that we provide to a student who may benefit from reading that book, we are depriving the student of that opportunity. So, I think it’s important to be exposed to all kinds of opportunities,” Devincentis said.