Boys’ varsity soccer defeats OPRF and possibility of another losing streak


Natalie White , Editor-In-Chief

As the national anthem played over the speakers at Carsten’s Field on Sept. 23 at the boys’ varsity soccer game against OPRF, flashbacks from last year’s game against OPRF ran through the players heads. Last year, the game against OPRF continued the six game losing streak the team went on. However, the team changed their fate by winning 3-2 and avoiding a losing streak.

A goal was scored within the first 10 minutes by senior Ethan Akkawi. The Trojans then went scoreless until the second half when junior Tyler Cree and senior Johnny Klasing scored. OPRF scored one goal per half, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the Trojans. The team improved to 9-2 in the season and 1-1 in conference. The next chance to see this team in action is at York High School on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Photo By Jonny McDonald