Hallway Chatter

The Omega staff listened to student conversations and selected ones that “best” described our student population for the week of 9/6-9/9.


HALLWAY CHATTER: Listen to what students said in the halls.

Ω  “She looked like a soccer mom but she was actually a football mom.”

Ω  “I broke a bunch of laws at once. I was driving a golf cart on a road. It was crazy.”

Ω  “I actually created twenty one pilots. I was the twenty second pilot.”

Ω  “I think I saw God drowning in a bathtub.”

Ω  “No, he’s gonna think I want to go to homecoming with his burrito face.”

Ω  “What about ugly dresses themed homecoming?”

Ω  “Dude, I can’t breathe after that workout, I’ve never been more thankful for trees in my life.”

Ω  “You want some special drink?”

Ω  “I mean, who doesn’t have a Yamaka?”

Ω  “Wait, isn’t Dr. Ben Carson the one who killed Michael Jackson?”

Ω  “Bro, you look like a burnt chicken nugget.”

Ω  “I want my senior year to be like High School Musical. Should I sing down the hallways?”

Ω  “You look like a soggy waffle for real.”

Ω  “All I want is my aquarium in my locker.”


Graphic credit: Ryan Pustelnik