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Pulaski: Alumn reviews 2,000 movies and still going strong

Lucas Naber, A&E Editor

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When English teacher Jena Abrahamsen first saw 2014 graduate Steve Pulaski’s website, she was impressed by the number of films he had reviewed.

“His process and philosophy of movie reviewing is very engaging. He reminds me more of Gene Siskel than Roger Ebert because he’s more analytical about film than argumentative,” said Abrahamsen.

Since 2009, Pulaski has reviewed over 2,000 movies, and has hit over 5,600 views on some of his reviews. Pulaski describes himself as being married to the movies. This year, he’s on track to watch almost 400 total.

“I once watched a Justin Bieber documentary the same week I watched a 1960s French film. You need to be inclusive to all kinds of films if you want to be a good, or at least fair, critic.”

Pulaski doesn’t go through an elaborate process like many reviewers do.

“What I usually do is make a small list of everything I want to address in the review and then begin writing paragraphs dedicated to those topics… It comes so naturally that it doesn’t require a great deal of planning.”

Pulaski also applies these strategies to his blog, which he describes as a collection of his personal musings on film, culture, politics, social issues, and more.

“While I mainly cover film and music…. It’s an open forum of thoughtful conversation and ideas from this generation,” said Steve.

When he was at DGN, Pulaski wrote for the Omega as well as his website. Cable 99 and WDGC sponsor John Waite, who taught Pulaski in TV 1, spoke about how well-versed he was in movies.

“Steve was able to talk about a wide range of movies and the different types of things cinematographers had done to make their films into art.”

“It was fun to talk to Steve because he not only had a vast knowledge of film but he also had opinions about them, and it is always fun to debate art.”

Pulaski also left an impact on Abrahamsen, who had Pulaski in Film Studies and in Critical Lenses.
Abrahamsen said she first noticed Pulaski’s interest in film when she saw him speaking to her other Film Studies students.

“Steve is a really great listener, and makes every person he meets feel like an old friend.”

“He is a fun and quirky guy who loves life, film, and writing…students can look forward to meeting Steve either at DGN or creeping around taking notes at a local theater near you.”

Readers can find Steve’s blog at stevepulaski.blogspot.com, and find his reviews at stevethemovieman.proboards.com.

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Lucas Naber, A & E and Business Editor

Lucas Naber is a second-year Business and A&E editor for the Omega. When not complaining about edits made to his articles or failing to write adequate...

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