Featured Athletes: Isabel Maletich-Track and Field

Natalie White, Sports Editor

Returning varsity athlete sophomore Isabel Maletich is taking medals once again. Placing fifth at state last year for triple jump, there is an expectation of improvement. Maletich claimed the spot of the best girls’ triple jump as a freshman. She holds a personal record of 38 feet in this event. As well as a personal record of a 27 second split in the 200m race for the varsity relay. The state champion last year in triple jump jumped 40 feet 2 inches.

“She is always laughing, she’s kind of chatty, but certainly has fun. You just watch her and she enjoys herself. You’d have no idea she’s as good as she is the way she carries herself because she mixes with everybody and has fun with everybody,” girls’ track and field coach Timothy McDonald said.