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Omega After Hours Ep. 5 - Adios, After Hours
Omega After Hours Ep. 5 - Adios, After Hours
Meaghan Wernett, Owen Halfpenny, and Avery PawlakMay 22, 2024

Episode 5 - Adios, After Hours: Owen and Avery close out the year and recap the Omega's Senior Issue, reflecting on the successful year coming...

DGN welcomes english department chairperson
Owen Halfpenny, A&E Editor • May 10, 2024

Starting July 1, Community High School District 99’s Board of Education has approved Katie Wood to take over the position of DGN’s English...

A conversation with local celebrity Coach Josh
A conversation with local celebrity Coach Josh
Giulia Karrow, Feature Editor • May 10, 2024

Local celebrity Josh Porter, better known as “Coach Josh,” has played a role in many D99 students’ childhoods. Any kid in the Downers Grove...

Senior Assassin 2024 Recap
Senior Assassin 2024 Recap
May 10, 2024

Senior Assassin 2024 had it all: betrayal, deception, and ultimately three winners, seniors Jake Solecki, Reegan Lamantia, and Sydney Hnatiuk,...

Look good, feel good: fashion icon Dr. DeMent

Athena Chark

Every morning at 7:15 a.m. sharp, I waltz into DGN’s doors with eyebags down to my toes and a minute away from hitting snooze on myself. Even so, there always seems to be someone waiting at the front doors that wakes everyone up faster than any alarm or cup of coffee. Funnily enough, it’s our very own principal Dr. DeMent. 

 While one could argue that her unmatched energy and attitude a

FRIDAY FANATICS: A vibrant outfit of
both a hot pink blazer and matching Air
Jordan 1’s for Friday Night Lights and
breast cancer awareness month. (Owen Halfpenny)

ttributes to the heavy lifting of that intensity, there’s an unspoken variable to her presence that rises above the rest: her clothes. From hot pink blazers to glittering shoes, it’s become a routine pleasure for students and teachers alike to experience the extravaganza brewed from her wardrobe – but why would our own principal do such a thing? 

 “I like to go by the phrase ‘if you look good you feel good, y’know? I think it helps build confidence when you’re feeling good about how you’re projecting yourself – however that might be,” Dr. DeMent said. 

While some may see her fashion sense as exuberant, it’s all for a reason. It’s the most convenient way to display school spirit. To DeMent, clothing is the easiest platform to show her DGN pride on a daily basis; that’s the exact reason why free school spirit t-shirts are distributed in the first week of school. In her eyes, everyone should have the opportunity to participate. 

HEAD TO TOE: A pair of DeMent’s high
heels full of positive affirmations to
wrap together her cheerful disposition
from top to bottom. (Courtney DeMent )

For the staff’s sake, her public portrayals are a great reminder that their job is to teach kids – to not take themselves too seriously. If they’re having fun, students will feel inclined to do the same. 

Additionally, DeMent spoke of how clothing is an excellent way for her to connect with students she may not know already on an everyday basis. More specifically, her love for shoes.

“I can go out into the Commons and hit someone with ‘hey man nice shoes’ and boom you have a conversation, right? It’s the great piece that brings us together, I think. Everyone has their own shoes and their own style, so it’s a great conversation starter for students I don’t quite know yet,” DeMent said.



So next time you’re walking in the halls or through the Commons, take a note from DeMent and tell someone something as simple as “nice shoes.” If that person can walk away thinking they look good, you know they feel good too.


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