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Omega After Hours Ep. 5 - Adios, After Hours
Omega After Hours Ep. 5 - Adios, After Hours
Meaghan Wernett, Owen Halfpenny, and Avery PawlakMay 22, 2024

Episode 5 - Adios, After Hours: Owen and Avery close out the year and recap the Omega's Senior Issue, reflecting on the successful year coming...

DGN welcomes english department chairperson
Owen Halfpenny, A&E Editor • May 10, 2024

Starting July 1, Community High School District 99’s Board of Education has approved Katie Wood to take over the position of DGN’s English...

A conversation with local celebrity Coach Josh
A conversation with local celebrity Coach Josh
Giulia Karrow, Feature Editor • May 10, 2024

Local celebrity Josh Porter, better known as “Coach Josh,” has played a role in many D99 students’ childhoods. Any kid in the Downers Grove...

Senior Assassin 2024 Recap
Senior Assassin 2024 Recap
May 10, 2024

Senior Assassin 2024 had it all: betrayal, deception, and ultimately three winners, seniors Jake Solecki, Reegan Lamantia, and Sydney Hnatiuk,...

Review: DGN’s MOD Pizza creations

Owen Half
CREATING MASTERPIECES: The four different Intro to Business student made MOD Pizzas.

For the second year in a row, DGN’s Intro to Business classes have taken a step into the kitchen of MOD Pizza and created four student-designed pizzas available for purchase to the public on October 5. The fundraiser was a major success and the store was abuzz the whole night – but was it any good?

First up was the Taylor Swift Eras Pizza (5/10): a half meat and half vegetarian pizza; the veggie side consisted of mushrooms, green peppers, spinach, and onions whereas the meat portion had pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. While the two contrasting sides complemented each other, each half on their own were a bit underwhelming. At the same time, the creativity and contrast to the other 3 was quite commendable. 

The following was the Lansu Special (6/10): an extra cheesy pepperoni pizza with garlic crust. While the idea was there, there was something left to be desired when it came to blending its taste all together. The center wasn’t anything particularly special, but the edges were overwhelmed by the strength of the garlic sauce for the crust. 

After the Lansu came the Protein Meatza (8/10): a standard meat lover’s pizza. Piled high with every type of meat and extra crust, this was a force to be reckoned with. However, in a pleasant surprise, it was well balanced and not nearly as heavy as originally expected. 

To finish it off, there was the Wolkow (9/10): a baseball-shaped pepperoni and bacon pizza. The key was in the simplicity. While it may have looked similar to the Lansu at first glance, it had a much more pleasing balance between the whole pie – a home run homage to the 2023 graduate’s sporting success, MLB player George Wolkow.

Overall, the night was a raging success for both the school and the store. It seems as though a fruitful tradition between DGN and MOD has started to flourish, so be quick to catch it next time it’s around.

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Owen Halfpenny
Owen Halfpenny, A&E Editor
Junior Owen Halfpenny is psyched to start his first year for Omega as the A&E editor! Around North, you can find him conducting the Trojan Marching Band or performing with both the Wind and Jazz Ensemble. Outside of school, you can find him driving around town with friends, cheffing it up at home, or showing up the local open mic. If you have any kind of questions or want to argue about Taylor Swift being overrated you can contact him at [email protected] or instagram (owen.halfpennyy).

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