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Omega After Hours Ep. 5 - Adios, After Hours
Omega After Hours Ep. 5 - Adios, After Hours
Meaghan Wernett, Owen Halfpenny, and Avery PawlakMay 22, 2024

Episode 5 - Adios, After Hours: Owen and Avery close out the year and recap the Omega's Senior Issue, reflecting on the successful year coming...

DGN welcomes english department chairperson
Owen Halfpenny, A&E Editor • May 10, 2024

Starting July 1, Community High School District 99’s Board of Education has approved Katie Wood to take over the position of DGN’s English...

A conversation with local celebrity Coach Josh
A conversation with local celebrity Coach Josh
Giulia Karrow, Feature Editor • May 10, 2024

Local celebrity Josh Porter, better known as “Coach Josh,” has played a role in many D99 students’ childhoods. Any kid in the Downers Grove...

Senior Assassin 2024 Recap
Senior Assassin 2024 Recap
May 10, 2024

Senior Assassin 2024 had it all: betrayal, deception, and ultimately three winners, seniors Jake Solecki, Reegan Lamantia, and Sydney Hnatiuk,...

FEMA to send emergency alert


A nationwide emergency alert will be issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency Wednesday Oct. 4 at 1:20 p.m. Central Time.  FEMA will be sending the message to all cell phones, radios, and televisions across the country. Every three years the practice test is required; it last took place in 2021. 


Since 2011, the alert has been used to evaluate the technological abilities of the nation’s emergency response system. Each device will only receive the notice once, and the test will take place for 30 minutes.


“During that half-hour, wireless phones that are turned on, not in “airplane mode” and compatible with the alerts should receive a test message, as long as they are located within a certain range of an active cell tower and their wireless provider participates,” FEMA said. 


FEMA produces the alert to insure the preparedness of the nation’s systems in case of catastrophic events or other emergency situations. The test can even provide information as to how swiftly the system can communicate with other countries and areas when needed. 


According to National Public Radio, the alert will read “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” 


In an email sent to D99 Staff, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Resources Travis McGuire addressed the nationwide test in order to acknowledge the possible effect it may have at school and in classrooms.


“Since this is during the school day, we wanted to make you aware of this nationwide emergency test since this has a likely chance of impacting the learning environment,” McGuire said.

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