?Dear Dr. Cupid: “My S.O. said ‘I am in love with you’ over Snapchat”

Julia Hanson, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Dr. Cupid, 

My S.O. and I have been together for about 2 months. Things are going really well, and I can see a future in the relationship. We haven’t said “I love you” yet, which I understand since it hasn’t been that long. Since it seems like more of a serious relationship, I was expecting a longer wait until we say it to each other, so we know it means something. I thought we were on the same page, but a couple of days ago, they said “I am in love with you” over a Snapchat. Do they mean it? Did they think it was just a nice thing to say? Should I confront them about it? 


Snapchat Victim

Dear Snapchat Victim,

No offense but I’m laughing and cringing at this– although I, too, love sending unexpected texts. Your S.O. clearly thinks they might love you but are too afraid to say it to your face. For the first time, they’re overcome by what’s probably strong feelings of lust, and are wondering if you feel that same spark. 

But…I’ve watched enough movies and read enough books to know that being in love with someone is a feeling so intense, that you need to say it to your partner’s face. It’s exciting and spills out of your mouth on a whim. 

For those reasons, yes, I think your S.O. meant what they said because they truly do think they could be in love with you (there’s nothing “nice” about saying “I am in love with you” if you don’t believe it).  Should you confront them about it? No. Your S.O. seems a bit bashful and bringing up the awkward message (which they probably sent through shaky hands before chucking their phone against the wall in embarrassment) would put pressure on the relationship which neither of you seem ready for. But it’s cute and fun to think you’re in love, so I’m happy for you, Snapchat Victim. 


Dr. Cupid?