Politics Wreck Relationships


PIXABAY: political puppet master rules relationships

Ava LaBianco, News Editor

Are you a democrat or a republican ? This is the question that gets most frequently asked on dates, family gatherings, on social media, and in any relationship. People base their opinions of a person by their political standpoint. Many are even so quick to judge a person’s political view based on how they present themselves. Wearing cowboy boots? Republican. Sporting a rainbow? Democrat. These stereotypes lead to the ending of many relationships. I’m here to say, base someone off their personality, not off who they would vote for. 

If you have to end a relationship due to politics it’s most likely because politics are the only topic of subject . As a Democrat I have plenty of Republican friends, some even being my best friends. We rarely talk about politics and when we do it’s “I respect your opinion although I disagree.” This simple phrase can keep a balance between relationships. People are so quick to defend themselves and their opinions, even if they’re uninformed. I am a 17 year old girl and I believe I am more mature about politics than most adults I know. 

A 2020 Wakefield research study showed that  33 percent of Americans surveyed ended a romantic relationship due to politics. I understand that not everyone is going to share the same values as you and it is important to have people who believe in similar  ideas.. But you never know how a single sit down conversation could change either person’s view. But for this balance to occur each individual needs to stop trying to be right and listen to the opposing side. There can not be the uncle who lives in Wisconsin trying to protect his guns vs his niece who lives in New York City who is trying to get rid of all weapons. They both can come to an agreement, or even have a civil conversation, however they each have to be open minded.

Do not get me wrong, I have met some hard core republicans and democrats who will not change their opinion no matter what is said. Just try to be the bigger person and change the subject when you encounter people who are close minded about politics. Set firm boundaries with people. Make it a goal to learn what the other person’s hobbies, goals, and personalities are like before you make the call to stop talking to them.

Social media has a huge impact on politics and relationships. Seeing a friend repost about a topic you do not support is hard to see. However, this should not lead to fighting in the comments of an instagram. Do not send death threats or curse them out. Either leave it alone or give them a call/ ask to meet with them. Post only truthful and respectful things to the internet. Once on the internet is always on the internet. 

Stick to the facts when dealing with relationships with two different political views. Do not over dramatize one side. People should not base sides off their leaders and figures. Use news sources that are fact checked and do lots of research. 

So the next time you are at family Thanksgiving, on your first date, or hanging out with a friend, consider my words before making the call on whether you want to have a person in your life.