Prom 2023 to be held at Bolingbrook Golf Club


Dan Perry (Flickr)

SAME SPOT: Prom will be held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club May 17.

Molly St. Clair, Editor-in-Chief

The 2023 prom will be held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club May 17, the same location as the last two years. 

DGN held Prom at the Chicago location “Crystal Gardens” for about eight years before switching to Bolingbrook Golf Course in 2021 due to COVID restrictions.

“We loved it there [Crystal Gardens], it was awesome. We planned on staying there forever. We always had the second Saturday in May reserved for us. Our timing was absolutely perfect because seniors would have their last day of school on Friday then that next day would be prom,” Mirandola said.

Crystal Gardens closed off as a venue option for large groups in 2022, forcing Mirandola to search for other locations. The Field Museum and the aquarium in Chicago were both contenders, but due to price restraints, the 2022 prom was held at the Bolingbrook location.

“Our goal coming into this year [2023] was to have a downtown location. Really I want to give students the biggest prom experience possible,” Mirandola said. 

After analyzing ticket prices, which amounted to at least a $175 minimum, Mirandola decided to return to Bolingbrook for a third year. 

“What we decided was that it didn’t feel good asking students to pay nearly $200. Even if we originally were charging 175,  that would have been a minimum that we had to charge,” Mirandola said. 

A ticket for this year’s prom will amount to $115, only $5 more than last year’s ticket price. 

Many aspects of this year’s prom will be similar to last year’s event. Students will get their own transportation to Bolingbrook and attend the event from 6:30 to 10:30. After buffet-style food and music from the band “Hey Jimmy”, there will be a fireworks display around 9:00. Students can then return to the dance floor for the final songs of the night. 

Specific details regarding ticket sales will be sent out in an email near the end of February or early March. Details will include a way to purchase tickets and then sign up for tables via “SignUpGenius”. 

“The way that we’ve done it is we’ll have a window of time for students to purchase tickets, it’ll be a couple of weeks that it’ll be open. Then we take all of that information and we send out a sign-up for students to sign up for tables,” Mirandola said.