Love On Tour: A fun-filled night four in Chicago


Anna Tokash

LOVE ON TOUR: Harry Styles performing Sign of the Times, a single from 2017.

Anna Tokash, A&E Editor

Walking into the United Center, I was ecstatic for the next hour and a half of live music. Although I was shivering in my baby tee and black skirt, I had to look good for the concert I had waited over 6 months for. With opener Jessie Ware, Styles was on night four of his residency in Chicago. The past three nights were filled with great dancing, stylish outfits, and of course, boas. Continuing the theme over his past two albums, both last year and this year’s tour was titled “Love on Tour.” 

Because of traffic, I walked to my seat halfway through Ware’s opening set. Many people claim to not pay attention or not care about the openers, but I enjoy hearing music for the first time live. Her set included backup dancers, which is always something I love during a performance. The anticipation of Style’s show however, distracted me from listening attentively. Even though this was my second time attending one of his shows, nothing beats the feeling of Style’s entrance. This year, he entered (rising dramatically from the middle of the stage of course) to the song “Daydreaming.” As the set continued, he combined songs from his sophomore album, “Fine Line” as well as work from his newest album, “Harry’s House.” 

Something I have always enjoyed is the stage set up for both this year and last year’s tour. Having a stage in the middle with catwalks out to the side allows him to interact with all sides of the audience, as well as sell all the tickets in the arena. This is not only a smart marketing tactic, but also makes the show so much more exciting and new. 

Later in the set list, Styles sings a classic, “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. Although it’s an old song, Styles uses slightly different rhythm and repeated sections to change it up a bit. Some fans don’t like this addition to the set list, but I think it adds a fun song that everyone knows, even parents who got dragged to the concert. The concert “ends” with the song “Love Of My Life,” which is also the final song off of “Harry’s House.” Of course he has to come back for an encore! During the waiting period between the set list and the encore, many fans began to chant “medicine”, one of Style’s unreleased songs that occasionally makes an appearance in the set list. As a Styles fan who has kept up with his unreleased songs, “Medicine” is my least favorite. The only time I was annoyed throughout the night was when fans continued to try and get him to sing that song, when I think it is pretty overrated. Although, he did not disappoint too much. On his last night in Chicago, he sang “Medicine” in front of the eager crowd. 

 As he mentioned in a recent Instagram story, Styles has been touring for over 12 years. Overall, Styles continues to bring a new and energetic feel to every night and year of tour. He ties the whole show together with a perfect set list, great venues, and a perfect balance between jokes and fan interactions. I would recommend a Styles’ concert to those who are obsessed with him, as well as those who have never heard a song of his before.