District 58 bond referendum approved by voters


Courtesy of Chamber 630 Website

BIG CHANGES: Updated referendum proposal that voters received before election day.

Molly St. Clair, Editor-in-Chief

In the Nov. 8 election, District 58’s $179 million bond referendum appeared on the ballot for community members to vote on. The bond not only included building repairs and additions for the elementary schools, but also a proposal to move 6th grade students into the district’s middle schools, Herrick and O’Neil. 

According to the Dupage Election Commission, the referendum was approved by 67.41% of voters and will be formally certified Nov. 29 to begin work. 

Informational fliers regarding the proposal first began circulating in February of last year, but community engagement projects were initiated back in 2018. Superintendent Dr. Kevin Russell has been pushing for the proposal to make it onto the Nov. ballot for the past five years. Russell thanked voters for their support on election day in a statement on the District 58 website. 

“I want to thank the families, staff, Board members and community members who participated in the five-year community engagement process leading up to this vote. While the community has discussed District 58’s facilities for decades, the current Strategic Plan, which began development in fall 2017, created a clear plan toward addressing our facility needs,” Russel said. 

District 58 administrators will now work with architects and construction companies to complete the physical changes to the 13 facilities within the district. Moving the 6th graders into middle schools will not occur for a few more years when all additions are completed to Herrick and O’Neil.