Review: Jack Harlow concert at Union One Center


Ava LaBianco, News Editor

As a huge Jack Harlow fan I was so excited to see him October 1, 2022. Lets just say he lived up to the hype that social media has given him. The performance was at Union One Center in Chicago and it was jam packed. Jack had three openers. The first opener was the band The Homies. They are underground rappers that I have never heard of. I thought they were good performers that got the crowd going, however since I haven’t heard any of their songs prior to the concert so it was hard to follow along. After their 30 minute performance a DJ came out and played remixes to classic songs such as Party in the USA by Miley Cirus and Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. He really set an energetic mood for the entire night and ended up DJing and introducing the opener that I was most excited about, The City Girls. They were the last openers for Jack Harlow and they were so fun. I love all of the City Girls songs and even if one didn’t know their music it was fun to dance with them and enjoy yourself. The girl’s background dancers were amazing and they had an incredible dance performance, at one point they even picked people to come up on the stage and dance with them.

After singing my heart out with the City Girls there was a 45 minute intermission. I almost thought Jack Harlow wasn’t going to come out and since I had so much adrenaline building up to see Jack, the wait was unbearable. After a long pause Jack finally came out. The crowd was screaming hearing Jack sing behind a curtain with a spotlight on him.

Everyone was waiting for the curtain to roll up so he could be revealed. Although it wasn’t a fashion show, Jack Harlow was wearing a colorful pajama set that didn’t match the vibe of his performance which was disappointing. But that did not stop me from having the best night ever. He sang a bunch of his top hits and before he started each song he talked to the crowd making connections with them that related to the song he was about to play. For example, he sang Already Best Friend but before he told the crowd to grab your bestfriend and sing along with them. His performance was top notch but his set was even better. Jack’s theme of his tour was Come Home The Kids Miss You and his set was his childhood garage. Inside the garage Jack’s band played and outside of the garage there was a basketball hoop. Jack let some of his fans come up and shoot a basketball into the hoop to win free tickets to his next concert and new merch.

Overall I believe any one a fan or semi a fan of Jack Harlow must see him play because he makes the night fun for everyone. What made the concert so special was that the City Girls and Jack Harlow wanted to involve their fans into their show and it made me feel like I wasn’t just a nobody to them. The last comment Jack made before he left for the night was thanking all of his fans for paying and taking time out of their lives to come support him because he knows times are tough for everyone right now. That gesture really shows Jack doesn’t care about the money and the popularity but that he really cares about his fans.