Review: Power Yoga on Main


Maggie Ward

SPHINX: Kyle Kucera practices the Sphinx pose during his Yoga debut.

Maggie Ward, Editor-in-Chief

My camp counselor once told me that if you’re still talking about an experience 20 minutes after it is over, it was a good time. If you’re still talking about an experience an hour after it is over, it was a great time. Under that criteria, hot yoga at Power Yoga on Main was a great time.

Fellow editors Julia Hanson (A&E), Kyle Kucera (Opinion), and I were looking for a new experience to try and in the dawn of the new year, what better way than to hop on the hot yoga trend?

Going into it, I had high expectations. I knew it was going to be in a 90-degree yoga studio, so I mentally prepared myself for an exhausting experience that would eventually leave me feeling proud and productive. It was like the feeling I get when I summon all my motivation just to drive myself to the gym— an experience I know I won’t enjoy at the moment but will love in the end. 

It was Kyle and I who were the real rookies walking into the yoga studio, but our instructor Karen helped us through the poses while also guiding the class through this spiritual experience. The Power Yoga on Main studio practices a version of yoga called “Baptiste Method Vinyasa Flow.”  We transitioned from each pose seamlessly, with focus directed towards our breath and the strength of our core.

She gave us tips and pointers for a better stretch and even showed us modifications for some poses that we were not advanced enough to do (the crow will forever haunt Julia and I’s nightmares).

The class was an hour-long but flew by, the heat only getting to us a few times. It was far from unbearable and we were told it actually helps the muscles to stretch and prevent injury during the class. 

Although it might sound cliché, walking out of the studio I honestly felt better about myself and my body. I was stretched, a little sore but very relaxed. Like any real fitness influencers, Julia, Kyle and I recapped our experience over a fresh smoothie, laughing about the positions we contorted our bodies into and sharing our experiences throughout the class. 

Power Yoga on Main offers a discounted price for students to encourage them into a healthy and tranquil lifestyle while maintaining the stress of school. Check out @dgn_omega for our Power Yoga on Main Highlight Reel !!