Bull’s Board Corner: April 12


Photos provided by District 99

WORKING ON PHASE C: images from DGN’s new commons, including newly-installed glass ceilings.

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief

Hey, students. This is a series of news updates by me, Omega Editor-in-Chief and District 99 Board of Education Student Representative Sam Bull that is designed to inform you, the DGN student body, of the most relevant changes, decisions, and updates from the most recent Board of Education meeting. In other words: this is exactly what you need to know from every Board meeting.

A very, very short meeting tonight mainly consisted of some quick updates about COVID-19 as well as the Master Facility Plan.


2020-2021 School Year Update: 

71% of District 99 students have returned in-person following the new early release model, with the percentage being higher for DGN than DGS. Superintendent Hank Thiele emphasized that students can continue to switch between models, but that the district wants as many students to return to school in-person as possible.

The district is also “planning for a full return next fall as similar to pre-COVID as possible,” which right now involves calculating lunch space and evaluating needs for additional outdoor seating. 

The statistics for positive COVID-19 cases as well as asymptomatic close contacts have greatly increased since returning to school after spring break, with 19 positive cases during the week of April 5 and 166 asymptomatic close contacts for students. Thiele stated that the district has been told by the county and state-level health departments that the close contact quarantine period is 14 days and cannot be shortened by something like a negative COVID-19 test.


MFP Updates:

Work on Phase C of the Master Facility Plan continues as Wight has installed glass on the ceiling above the new commons at DGN. Wooding siding in the commons also set to be complete this week. Check out the photo above for a visual!