Board approves early dismissal schedule


Photo provided by District 99

NEW SCHEDULE: the early dismissal schedule, which will take effect after spring break. Mondays will be fully remote with 8 40-minute periods. Check the Omega website and social medias tomorrow for a Board Corner article outlining the new schedule in more detail.

Emma Gramm, Feature Editor

The District 99 Board of Education has approved the implementation of the Early Release Block Schedule, which will take effect April 6 after spring break. 

District 99 sent an email on March 15 providing details regarding the new proposed schedule. After spring break, students will no longer be following the current hybrid model or separating into A and B groups. 

DGN received over 4,000 surveys sent in by staff, families, and students, determining the Early Release Schedule as the first option to be chosen amongst the community. The survey also affirmed that an overwhelming majority of the student body (80-90 percent) will be returning in-person. 

“We are glad to see that so many of our students intend to return to in-person learning and are excited to offer a plan that makes this possible under the safety guidelines,” the email writes. 

The early release schedule will involve attending school in-person four days a week, beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 1:30 p.m. This includes 70-minute periods as well as a 10-minute snack break in the third class block.

However, a traditional lunch period is not possible considering the mandatory social distancing guidelines put into place. Monday’s schedule remains as a virtual and 8-period day, but will be extended to 40 minutes per period with 5-minute passing periods. 

The district reaffirms that students will still have the ability to opt out of in-person and continue remotely if they desire. Remote students are also given the option to make the switch to in-person at any time. D99 encourages students to take advantage of this newly proposed schedule and return to in-person. 

For more details regarding the new schedule as well as a full visual outline, check the Omega Instagram, Twitter, or website for a “Board Corner” article tomorrow.