Bull’s Board Corner: March 1


Photo courtesy of District 99

COMMONS PROGRESS: a slide of images from Superintendent Hank Thiele’s March 1 presentation showing the work done on the commons in recent weeks.

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief

Hey, students. This is a series of news updates by me, Omega Editor-in-Chief and District 99 Board of Education Student Representative Sam Bull, that is designed to inform you, the DGN student body, of the most relevant changes, decisions, and updates from the most recent Board of Education meeting. In other words: this is exactly what you need to know from every Board meeting.

A very short Board meeting this week consisted of just a few quick updates about the school year and the Master Facility Plan. Here’s what you need to know: 


2020-21 School Year Update: 

As of today, 85% of D99 staff has been vaccinated or is scheduled to be vaccinated. Around 75 staff members still need to be scheduled for their first dose. Yesterday, the District distributed over 1,300 doses at DGS that saw over 500 school staff members from the D99 consortium vaccinated as well as over 700 community members. 

Work is also continuing for the development of a post-spring break schedule. The week of March 15 should see a presentation to the Board outlining details of the schedule.


Master Facility Plan Update: 

Construction continues on DGN’s commons area, which used to be the courtyard in the middle of the building. Windows have been put into place on the interior walls looking into what will be the commons area and the skylight on the ceiling will be installed in the coming weeks.