Guerin (12) commits to run track at Loyola


Finishing first: Guerin (12) runs the 400-meter race for the Trojans

Timmy Ryan, Sports editor

Senior Ryan Guerin is no rookie on the track. His career started back in seventh grade, when he joined the Herrick Middle School track team. Little did he know at the time, in six years he would be committing to Loyola University Chicago (LUC) to compete with the Ramblers.

Guerin found most of his success in the 400-meter race while running in meets with DGN. While he was  a hard worker throughout his years of track, he didn’t overthink it when it came to training. His process wasn’t anything too extreme, no fancy gear or personal trainers, but rather a mindset determined to better himself.

Track is a little different than other sports in regards to training because you don’t really need much equipment to train,” Guerin said. “My biggest goal while training was to always focus on improving in the weight room as well as trying to stay healthy during the season.” 

There is more teamwork and chemistry needed to have a successful track program than what meets the eye. While fans watch sprinters running independently during meets, there is bonding that happens behind the scenes. Guerin is beyond grateful for his teammates and coaches at North, and credits them for a portion of his success. 

“I cannot say enough about the Downers North Track program,” Guerin said. “We have such a great culture and are supportive of one another, which is extremely beneficial in sports.”

Guerin’s appreciation for his team goes beyond his fellow sprinters. His coach, Eric Buhot, was another key factor in his accomplishments.

“Coach Buhot does a great job of preparing us for meets and putting us in the best position to succeed,” Guerin said. 

Buhot had a lot to say about his experience coaching Guerin. He acknowledged that Guerin’s mindset and determination were the key factors to his success.

“Ryan is never satisfied with where he is at,” Buhot said. “He sets goals, but more importantly sets a plan to achieve them. He enjoys the work, he’s proud of what he’s done and can see what he still has left to do.”

According to Buhot, Guerin was not nearly the runner his freshman year that he is now. While he held back his freshman year and was a little timid, Guerin’s confidence in his own abilities was what set him apart from the rest.

“No meet was ever too big for Ryan,” Buhot said. “He actually seemed to thrive at the larger meets. There was just a calm, cool confidence that he carried that I admired as his coach.”

Participating in any Division I sport after graduating isn’t something that very many North alumni can say they have done. Guerin is a member of the elite group that can say they’ve accomplished this feat. His hard work and competitive mindset will always be remembered amongst the Track program at DGN.

“Yes, he has goals for the future,” Buhot said. “But he is focused on that day, that practice, that rep.  Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it needs to be a chore, and Ryan proved that everyday at practice.”