Humans of DGN: Junior Jordan Lewis’ unique perspective


Photo courtesy Jordan Lewis

Jordan Lewis works on his bible study

Emma Gramm, Feature Editor

“He is someone that everyone gravitates towards. He is one of the most reliable and knowledgeable people I have ever met,” is how junior Tyler Perkins would describe his lifelong friend, Jordan Lewis. 

At 16 years old, the junior Jordan Lewis is someone who has become politically engaged. He demonstrates political activism and expresses his voice directly through social media. 

Lewis has been open about how he identifies as a conservative. He uses his voice to make conversation and see different points of views. Although, his opinions may seem controversial to some and he can experience negativity for his beliefs.  

“As a black conservative, I am definitely in the minority of this group. For some, it is hard to accept and I have to take a ton of backlash for it. I have had people use derogatory language towards me and try to shut down my opinions, but those are the repercussions you have to be willing to take in order to fight for what you believe in,” Lewis said.

Lewis spends his time reading up on the latest news and gathering information, but his political affiliation also stems from his religious beliefs. He has been involved with the church all his life and upholds his Christian values: “I try to live as close to the Bible as possible,” Lewis said. “It has shaped the beliefs I have with the world around me.”

For Lewis, character outweighs his political efforts. Being a member of the student leadership program at DGN, he feels it is necessary to lead in citizenship first. Through this program, Lewis is able to put forth his ideas of bettering the school and community while collaborating with others.

“Something I strive for is being a role model and someone others can depend on. If I can make some impact on another’s day, then I am satisfied. My humanity comes first,” Lewis said.

Spanish teacher, Jeanne Seyller, has had Lewis as a student for two years and has seen the impact he has had in the classroom. “Having Jordan in my class is a pleasure and an honor,” Seyller said. “He has an ability to bring people together and he demonstrates this in my classroom.”

When asked about a moment that stood out about Jordan she told of when he was interviewed by a news network and broadcast on NBC 5.

“They put a microphone in front of his face and he showed that he was an amazing ambassador to our school. He spoke so articulately and well that I had to thank him for his words. I truly admire his ability to do that, it is a gift,” Seyller said.

Ever since Lewis was in elementary school, he was dedicated to becoming a politician or a police officer in order to influence society. He is strongly attached to his beliefs and wants to make an impact.

“I want to leave the world a better place than how I found it,” Lewis said.