Athlete of the month: Emily Koors


Timmy Ryan, Sports editor

While not every athlete has been able to take the field this fall, certain sports have been fortunate enough to have a season and start competing. Of these athletes, Senior Emily Koors has stood out as one of the top golfers on the DGN Girls’ Varsity golf roster, placing in the top 10 in one of their first tournaments. 

Being a soccer player primarily, Koors had very little experience on the golf course before entering high school. Like many athletes she was looking for a new challenge during her offseason, so she gave golf a shot.

It’s actually kind of funny. I had never even picked up a golf club until a week before freshman year tryouts,” Koors said. “It’s something I decided to do just for fun in the fall since the soccer season wasn’t until the spring.”

With such little prior experience, it’s safe to say that Koors picked up golf fast, as she is now not only competing with the varsity team but leading them. Finishing amongst the top of all competitors in recent tournaments, she believes that the girls’ golf team as a whole can be very successful this year.

“I think the girl’s golf team could be extremely successful this fall,” Koors said. “We have some really hard working girls that have been dedicating a lot of time to improve their golf game.” 

A great and supportive coaching staff has helped Koors tremendously during her four-year golf career. She has lots of respect and appreciation for the coaches who brought her from a freshman with zero experience to a senior competing at a high level.

“Like I said before, I had never really played golf before tryouts,” Koors said. “Because of this, I learned a lot of my golf skills from my golf coaches. Throughout the process of learning the game, they were always super patient and gave me advice when they could.”

After a hot start to this fall golf season, Koors looks to end her short lived golf career with a bang. While she does not plan on competing in college, she plans on golfing as a hobby for the foreseeable future. If she can finish this season the way she has started it, she will help the golf program immensely on their road to success.