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  • March 402/27/20 - Girls' Varsity Basketball loses to Whitney Young 53-47 in Sectional championship
  • March 403/03/20 - Boys' Varsity Basketball loses to Hinsdale Central 35-32
  • February 2602/22/20 - Jonah Kopecky places 4th at Sectionals for Boys' Diving, advances to State
Katherine Gross
Katherine Gross is a senior this year, and when she is not at school, she is busy trying to organize her life- which is a chaotic nightmare. She loves ice hockey, traveling, and every type of music (except country). In the future, she hopes to be a political journalist, and with her meager salary, she hopes to afford a dog, an apartment in the city, and a Netflix subscription, so that she can achieve her impossible goal of watching every movie ever made. You can contact her at [email protected]

Katherine Gross, News Editor

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