The end of an era, and my childhood


Sarah Rogoz, Editor-in-Chief

For the past 11 years, I’ve grown up in two worlds. One being subjectively normal for a teenage girl, and the other being the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ever since the first Iron Man came out when I was 8, my dad and I have seen every one in theaters multiple times. Whenever a new movie would come out, it was a tradition for us to see it the following Sunday. It was something that we both looked forward to, and one of the things that bonded us the most.

My 18th birthday just so happened to fall 3 days before the Endgame release. That marked the end of Marvel’s Infinity Saga phase 1, 2 and 3 which included 22 movies spanning 11 years. A lot of the character’s stories ended in the movie, thus reinforcing the end of my childhood in both worlds i’ve grown up in.

As I’ve gotten older, my dad and I got into more arguments. And not to blame him because I am the most outspoken daughter, and we both need the final word. But just because we would fight on a Saturday night and wouldn’t speak for hours, we both know we would still see the newest MCU movie the next morning.

Next year my dad will be one call away, but I’ll be 8 hours. When I wake up the weekend after a MCU movie release, he won’t be there to see it with me. As much as we butt heads at times, I wouldn’t trade that bond with anyone else. So i’ll make sure to rent the movie to watch with him as soon as I get home.

Marvel, thanks for giving me unforgettable memories. And dad, thanks for making my childhood one filled with superheroes and wonder. I love you 3000.